Stoga Film

Baby Driver

Reviewed by Lex Forge

Edgar Wright has a knack for breathing life into dying movie genres. First it was the zombie movie, then the cop drama, and now the heist flick.

There's no shortage of these movies on the market. Plenty of directors have tried their hand at making them. The problem is none of them can get it Wright ;-}

Edgar Wright's new protagonist is an orphaned kid named Baby, B-A-B-Y. After he's caught stealing a car from crime kingpin Doc (Kevin Spacey) Baby is forced to work as a getaway driver to repay his debt.

Edgar Wright gives us the action we love with characters that we can grab onto. Movies like Fast and Furious have the action part down but they never have characters that feel real. They never have witty dialogue. And they never have a soundtrack that can only be described as genius.

From the moment Baby pulls up to the curb in his red subaru and hits play on his iPod classic, Wright has already done it. He's created a new pop culture icon. Then the overdriven guitar and crisp cracks of the snare drum crush the silence.


We're in the car with Baby. Every swerve, every punch of the accelerator, it's all timed perfectly to his playlist. The entire movie is choreographed like a music video and it's awesome.

The sound design alone is enough to give you goosebumps. The tires squeal as Baby flies around a corner and the engine growls as Baby stares down his pursuers in the rearview mirror. The gearstick smashes up, down, left, right.

And to top it all off, the performances are stellar. Jamie Fox, John Hamm, and Kevin Spacey play some killer bad guys. And Lily James and Ansel Elgort have great chemistry together as star-crossed lovers.

On one hand an unapologetic tire burning chase movie but also an intelligent twist on the heist movie genre. Even on its own, the soundtrack of Baby Driver makes for an awesome mixtape. Get out and see this movie for a really fun time.